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In My Father's House
by Gene Ellenberg

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Project statement:

Brief notes scribbled on napkins alluded to the private introspections of my father. Over the course of this project, my personal investigation developed into an exchange. The process of photographing my family was quiet and unnerving. Yet, looking at the work now I see a mutual understanding, a trust. Through straight documentation as well as the constructed image, I am attempting to blur the lines of what I recall, what I want to admit, and perhaps what I want to see.


Bio and contact:

b. 1983

Gene Ellenberg is currently a creative consultant for the Center for Visual Arts at Clemson University in South Carolina where he also received his BFA in 2012. He served as the Chair of the Annual Student Invitational at the Click646 Photographic Collective between 2009-2012. Ellenberg has been published in Untitled Cereal and exhibited at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA, the Pickens County Museum, Pickens SC and Lee Gallery, Clemson, SC.


Gene Ellenberg is a Clemson, SC, based photographer.
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