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Whispers from the Sea
by Deb Schwedhelm

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Project statement:

The life we live today is powerfully influenced and shaped by past experiences. For me, this includes an unconventional childhood (which I have very little recollection of), my 10 years of military service, my career as a registered nurse, my evolution as a photographer and my experiences as a mother. These things culminate, visually, in a complex and evocative mix of photographs in my portfolio, which often explores themes such as childhood identity and human experience.

My initial experimentation with underwater photography began in my backyard pool. It didn’t take long to expand beyond the constraints of the pool and into the freedom and depths of the expansive sea. Photographing in the water is an intimate yet freeing process – one of letting go, looking inward and trusting.

Whispers from the Sea is an exploration of contrasts – from stormy, deep and challenging to tranquil, buoyant and unencumbered. I believe that within these juxtapositions lies the narrative of life. This series is about feeling, exploration and discovery. It is an effort to conjure up and expose what one might have locked deep down inside.


Bio and contact:

Deb Schwedhelm was born in 1969 in Detroit, Michigan. Originally trained as Registered Nurse, she spent 10 years working as an Air Force nurse. It wasn’t until Deb left the military that she began to pursue photography – and she has never looked back.

Whether commissioned work or her ongoing personal projects, Deb always remains true to her unique style and artistic vision. Deb’s award-winning photographs have been displayed in homes and galleries across the country and featured in numerous publications throughout the world.

Deb is married to a Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer and they are currently based in Tampa, Florida. She is the mother to three children, who are often the subjects of her photographic work.


Deb Schwedhelm is a Tampa, FL, based photographer.
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