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Photography in the Rural South
Institute of Southern Studies at the University of South Carolina, Fall 2012 Course

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"Photography in the Rural South is a new course, designed by Kathleen Robbins, offered through the Institute of Southern Studies at the University of South Carolina. While learning the theory and practice of photography, students in this course worked in collaboration with each other to complete a photographic study of a rural community in South Carolina. This course introduced students to photographic projects in the rural south, particularly as they relate to work within a community. Students learned to make, choose, sequence, and pace their own images for the purpose of class discussion, digital projection, and exhibition. Each student's final project consisted of approximately 20 images combining work from all three assignments. Students were not required to have any prior experience with photography. Included in a final exhibition, and here in One, One Thousand, are 26 photographs, two from each of the 13 students in the course." — Eliot Dudik, Fall 2012 Course Instructor


Editor's Note: This is our publication's first collaboration with a university. While a large majority of the work found in One, One Thousand has been created by photographers no longer enrolled in undergraduate programs, we'd like to reiterate that our guidelines encourage submissions from photographers of all ages and skill levels.

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