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American Weekend
by Hollis Bennett

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Project statement:

In American Weekend I try to capture the ways in which we, as Americans, spend the fleeting moments between trying to earn a living and all of life’s other obligations. This project is ongoing and is currently focused on the South. From state fairs and demolition derbies to days on the river, the varied ways we spend our weekends in the South are as varied as the people that populate this land. Some seek rest, others seek oblivion, and all find it on the weekend.

These images were taken in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and will expand into other Southern states and hopefully further afield.


Bio and contact:

I was born in Knoxville, TN, in 1981 and presently call Nashville home. I have lived in all corners of the US, as far away as Alaska, and travel constantly but I always find myself longing to get back to this corner of the world. I am presently working on expanding the projects that I have going now and starting a few others, some local, some international.


Hollis Bennett is a Nashville, TN, based photographer.
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