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The Communitarians
by Aaron Cohen

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Project statement:

Founded in 1967 in rural Virginia during the height of the back-to-the-land movement, Twin Oaks Community is one of the last remaining 1960s communes. Currently, over 100 people of all ages live and work there together, in an effort to create a society based on a common vision of cooperation, resource sharing, nonviolence, and equality.

Dedicated to a more ecologically sustainable way of life, those who live at Twin Oaks grow most of their own food organically, consume very few outside goods, generate very little consumer waste, and live lightly on the land. They share a strong work ethic and a desire to spend as much time as possible with close friends and family.

This series of photos explores the values and culture of Twin Oaks at the dawn of the 21st Century. It also examines why communes, ecovillages, and other intentional forms of community continue to be an appealing alternative.


Bio and contact:

Aaron M. Cohen received an MA in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University, and subsequently attended the International Center of Photography’s Documentary Photography and Photojournalism program.

His photographs have appeared in publications such as Time Out New York, The Sun Magazine, and Geo (Germany) and numerous exhibitions, including most recently, ’’New York Photo Festival Presents: HumanKind’’ at the powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY. In 2007, he received a grant from the Puffin Foundation for his long-term documentary project ’’The Communitarians.’’


Aaron Cohen is a Portland, OR, based photographer.
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