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Don't Drop the Potato
by Stacy Kranitz

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Project statement:

These two projects use the camera to represent unique geographical location. In the first chapter, Don't Drop the Potato, I explore the Appalachian region of the United States. For the second chapter, Don't Drop the Potato, I spend time in the coastal, prairie, and forested regions of Louisiana.

Representing place is a complicated series of negotiations. How can the photographer demystify stereotypes, sum up experience, interpret memory and history.

Regression to the mean is a term used to define a phenomenon in statistical analysis. If a variable is extreme on its first measurement, it will tend to be closer to the average on its second measurement.

This concept outlines my process, which requires many visits in order to gain a photographic series of images that averages these extremes. I am initially drawn to stereotypes. Then I look to demystify these stereotypes only to find that they are rooted in some sort of reality. I do not exclude the stereotypical image from my representations, nor do I only seek it out. The resulting images are a regression to the mean and the mean is interwoven with both typical and atypical lives captured through controlled and chance operations.

Nothing is all one thing or its opposite. There are moments in time that you see a degree of continuity between these opposing forces. Ultimately the term Regression to the Mean articulates the flaws of representation. Flaws which I openly embrace.


Bio and contact:

Stacy Kranitz studied film and photography at New York University. Her work focuses on the ways we express aggression and violence in our daily rituals, habits, and pastimes. She is interested in the theoretical underpinnings that bind together the evolution of the documentary tradition. Her work looks to explore important social issues while commenting on this tradition and challenging its boundaries.


Stacy Kranitz is a Los Angeles, CA, based photographer.
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