One, One Thousand | Southern Photography


by Tammy Mercure

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Project statement:

"The South is what we started out with in this bizarre, slightly troubling, basically wonderful countryfun, danger, friendliness, energy, enthusiasm, and brave, crazy, tough people."

Bill Maxwell, "There's no place like the South"

Since 2008, I have been photographing events in the Southeast United States. They have ranged from NASCAR races with 160,000 attendees to a group of 20 people recreating the stations of the cross. These events seem to show this area's collective love of history and the land.


Bio and contact:

Tammy Mercure b 1976, Sioux City IA, was recently named one of the "100 under 100:The New Superstars of Southern Art" by Oxford American magazine. She has exhibited internationally, including solo shows at Chicago Cultural Center in Illinois and the Sioux City Art Center in Iowa and group shows at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. She has received numerous awards and grants, including a Polaroid Art Support Grant and several CAAP grants from the City of Chicago. Images from Wonders were published in the book "Place, Art, and Self" by Yi-Fu Tuan. She has a BA from Columbia College Chicago and an MFA from East Tennessee State University. She is currently residing in Bristol, Tennessee, where she is an Assistant Professor of Photography at King College.


Tammy Mercure is a Bristol, TN, based photographer.
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