One, One Thousand | Southern Photography


by Rylan Steele

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Project statement:

I photograph places that are normally considered mundane. Seeing the adaptations we make to our environments lets me know that the place I am standing in has a history of being used and appreciated. Within this body of work I am equally interested in finding places that are quintessential and those that defy familiarity. I am attempting to portray these contemporary places accurately while highlighting the aspects where the arrangement is unexpected and mysterious. Some of the details found within the exceptional areas remain inexplicable, others are purely functional, but hopefully all of them showcase the decisions, ingenuity and creativity of the occupiers of the space.

I choose to photograph the ordinary facts of our daily lives because how we live fascinates me. The places photographed are not one type of place, but were selected for their ability to represent and challenge our expectations of familiar places. My intention is to create a body of work based on my interests and experiences that questions our attempts at perfection and illuminates overlooked details of contemporary living. Hopefully through my photographs I can entice the viewers to actively observe and question their surroundings.


Bio and contact:

I have an AS, BFA, and MFA in photography and I would pursue a PHD if I could. My work has primarily been exhibited throughout the southeast, but of course I am always looking for more. Perhaps my greatest accomplishment is having introduced one of Germany’s greatest photographer’s to the refreshing deliciousness of the Arnold Palmer. Currently, I live in Columbus, Georgia, where I teach photography and spend time with my family.


Rylan is a Columbus, GA, based photographer.
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