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Delta Constant
by Brooke C. White

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Project statement:

Delta Constant compares and contrasts the agricultural practices and geographical similarities of several Deltas around the world, such as the Mississippi Delta, the Mekong Delta in South East Asia and the Tana Delta in Kenya. I am also interested in focusing on the universality of these different deltas, which are geographically so far apart.


Bio and contact:

Brooke White is both a practicing artist and an educator who received her MFA in Photography from Cornell University. She is currently area head and Associate Professor of Imaging Arts at the University of Mississippi. White has exhibited nationally and internationally including the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts and the DiVA Art Fair in New York, Paris and Berlin. Much of her work, both photographic and video, is created while traveling in areas such as East Africa, South East Asia, South America and the deep south of the United States. White's work analyzes the ways in which tourism, agriculture, politics and technology effect our connection to the landscape. White lives with her husband and dog in Oxford, MS.


Brooke White is an Oxford, MS, based photographer.
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