Publications by August and September Featured Photographers:
Dave Anderson, Deborah Luster, Jennifer Shaw, and Lori Waselchuk

During August and September 2011, One, One Thousand featured four projects focusing on the New Orleans metropolitan area and greater Louisiana. Each project is varied in style and subject matter, each is incredibly thought-provoking, and each is also available for purchase in book form. Please take a moment to look at these bodies of work by Dave Anderson, Deborah Luster, Jennifer Shaw, and Lori Waselchuk, and help support these photographers by ordering a book.

Dave Anderson : One Block
Publisher: Aperture, 2010

Publisher’s Note: One Block: A New Orleans Neighborhood Rebuilds (Aperture, August 2010), photographs by Dave Anderson, is a powerful portrait of post–Hurricane Katrina New Orleans as seen through the prism of a single city block whose residents are attempting to rebuild their homes. Using portraiture and still lifes, Anderson explores the very nature of community while testing its fortitude.

Anderson’s compassionate treatment of the neighborhood’s difficult circumstances has drawn comparisons to the work of Dorothea Lange and other Farm Security Administration–funded photographers. Seventy years later, between the devastation left by Katrina and the current housing crisis, the stability and permanence of the American home is once again in jeopardy. One Block reflects Anderson’s affection for New Orleans and his fascination with the power of human resilience—both individually and collectively.

Purchase a copy of One Block here.

Deborah Luster : Tooth for an Eye
Publisher: Twin Palms Publishers, 2011

Publisher’s Note: The city of New Orleans is a topographical/ architectural/material/cultural phenomenon with a diverse population participating in raucously colorful and fascinating pursuits and rituals. Homicide is a cultural fact of the life in the city as well. In her second book, Tooth for an Eye: A Chorography of Violence in Orleans Parish, Deborah Luster explores the city in a new way, creating a compelling portrait in the form of a photographic archive of contemporary and historic homicide sites. Following on from her first book, Prisoners of Louisiana, Tooth for an Eye explores the themes of loss and remembrance in a series of tondo photographs that offer an opportunity for the viewer to enter deeper into the idea of the city, a place where life and death coexist, neither free of the other’s influence.

Purchase a copy of Tooth for an Eye here.

Jennifer Shaw : Hurricane Story
Publisher: Chin Music Press, 2011

Publisher’s Note: Hurricane Story is a spellbinding odyssey of exile, birth and return told in forty-six photographs and simple, understated prose. This first-person narrative told through dreamlike images of toys and dolls chronicles one couple’s evacuation from New Orleans ahead of the broken levees, the birth of their first child on the day that Katrina made landfall, and their eventual return to the city as a family. Jennifer Shaw’s photographs, at turns humorous and haunting, contrast deftly with the prose.

This clothbound hardcover edition includes an introduction by Rob Walker, author of Letters From New Orleans and former "Consumed" columnist for The New York Times Magazine.

Purchase a copy of Hurricane Story here.

Lori Waselchuk : Grace Before Dying
Publisher: Umbrage Edtions, 2011

Publisher’s Note: Grace Before Dying charts the extraordinary breakthrough in humanity that has helped transform one of the most dangerous maximum security prisons in the United States, Louisiana’s notorious Angola prison, into one of the least violent. Poignant quotes from the incarcerated hospice volunteers and patients accompany the searing photographs set in a carefully built sequence that charts the development of a culture of caring and compassion that challenges stereotypes of incarcerated people, and provides an intimate perspectives on what long-term and life sentences signify for those inside.

Purchase a copy of Grace Before Dying here.

Editor’s Note: You can view a selection of Dave Anderson’s photography that was featured on One, One Thousand in September 2011. You can also view more of Anderson’s photography on his website:

You can view a selection of Deborah Luster’s photography that was featured on One, One Thousand in August 2011.

You can view a selection of Jennifer Shaw’s photography that was featured on One, One Thousand in September 2011. You can also view more of Shaw’s photography on her website:

You can view a selection of Lori Waselchuk’s photography that was featured on One, One Thousand in August 2011. You can also view more of Waselchuk’s photography on her website:

"The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something, and tell what it saw in a plain way. Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see. To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion, all in one." John Ruskin

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